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We know your pet is part of the family! That's why the doctors and staff at Fourmile Veterinary Clinic are ready and able to tailor healthcare plans to help your friend live his or her best life!

Preventative Care

With over 40 years of practicing animal medicine in Cañon City, our experience has demonstrated time and time again the key to total health is comprehensive preventative care. At Fourmile Veterinary Clinic, we offer a complete range of wellness services to keep your pet feeling his or her absolute best.

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Diagnostic Care

If your pet's wellness exam uncovers concerns, or if you notice a change in your pet's health or behavior between annual visits, the Fourmile Veterinary Clinic doctors are able to utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technology to collect complete and accurate health information in minimal time. Once we have reached a confident diagnosis, we can help you make decisions about your pet's treatment and give your furry friend his or her best quality of life!

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

When it comes to your pet's surgery, you want to feel confident that every aspect of the procedure will be safe, careful, and closely monitored. At Fourmile Veterinary Clinic, we make safety our #1 priority.

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Pet Dental Services

Dentistry is a key component of animal health care. Like humans, animals need routine dental care to promote a healthy mouth. When food debris and bacteria accumulate, they form plaque which hardens into tartar and attaches to the teeth’s enamel. Plaque and tartar cause cavities and gum disease, both of which can be very painful for your pet and lead to other illnesses should infectious material enter the blood stream. Fourmile Veterinary Clinic offers comprehensive dentistry to remove tartar build-up and maintain your pet's optimal oral health to complement your at-home brushing, special diets and dental chews.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

You just brought a new fuzzy toddler into your house! Get ready for a lifelong commitment of wiggles, love and great company. Start them off right with a visit to Fourmile Veterinary Clinic for a nose-to-tail check, age-appropriate vaccinations and parasite control, and a health plan that includes everything needed to begin life on the right paw!

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Senior Pet Care

As our furry best friends age, they begin to require extra special medical care to keep feeling their best. The veterinarians at Fourmile are experienced in the care of senior pets and dedicated to keeping your best friend by your side for years to come.

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