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    Colorado IPS (Supported Employment) 'Employer of the Year' award

    We are so excited to share that Fourmile Veterinary Clinic has won the Colorado IPS (Supported Employment) 'Employer of the Year' award!

    The Supported Employment program supports people who have been out of the workforce for various circumstances find and maintain employment. It's available at no charge to individuals enrolled in services at Solvista Health, and the program has facilitated more than 200 job starts since it began about three years ago. It is a program we believe in, and are proud to support!

    A representative from Colorado IPS shared a handful of reasons we were nominated:

  • We've attended their 'Success At Work' group several times
  • We've completed mock interviews for their job seekers
  • We've hired three job seekers over the course of a few years
  • We reach out to them whenever we're hiring
  • We are so honored to receive this award and will continue to work to provide an excellent environment for our staff!