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    Many pet owners do not realize that dentistry is a key component of animal health care, but just like humans, animals need routine dental care to promote a healthy mouth. When food debris and bacteria are allowed to accumulate in the mouth, they form plaque, which hardens into tartar and attaches to the enamel of the teeth. Plaque and tartar cause cavities and gum disease, both of which can be very painful for your pet. At Fourmile Veterinary Clinic, we offer comprehensive animal dentistry to remove tartar build-up and maintain your pet's optimal oral health.

    A healthy mouth starts with proper at-home care. We recommend brushing your dog or cat's teeth regularly at home and offering special dental diets and chews designed to clean the teeth. Rigorous home dental care prevents plaque build-up, keeping your pet's mouth healthy throughout their life. If your veterinarian detects plaque and tartar accumulation during your pet's annual visit, they may recommend a professional dental cleaning. Fourmile offers comprehensive dental cleanings for dogs, cats, and horses. We can also perform extractions as needed.

    • Professional Dental Cleanings: A veterinary dental cleaning involves a complete oral exam and dental x-rays to identify problems lurking below the gum line, such as broken teeth, gum disease, and infected teeth. Using these findings, your veterinarian will perform a full cleaning of the teeth and under the gumline. The procedure finishes with scaling and polishing of the crown, which helps prevent new plaque and bacteria from adhering to the teeth. Due to the nature of this procedure, it must be performed under anesthesia. We make anesthesia as safe as possible with electronic monitoring. After recovery, nearly all pets are able to go home, eat, and return to their normal lives right away!

    • Equine Dentistry: Proper dental care for your horse is essential for their performance and health. Fourmile Veterinary Care offers comprehensive equine dentistry to keep your horse's mouth in top condition. We utilize the PowerFloat system for professional dental care. We perform your horse's dental care in our equine stocks, allowing for a comfortable and thorough exam and float.

    If you notice signs of dental disease at home, such as bad breath, inflamed gums, or bleeding from the mouth, please call the hospital to arrange a dental exam for your pet. Your veterinarian will make appropriate dental care recommendations based on your pet's condition.